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Entourage – Second to Last
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Entourage (final season) – Second to Last – Vince continues to woo Sophia. The DeLucas fall in love with a pricey restaurant space, forcing Turtle to pitch his investors for more money. Copyright © Home Box Office Inc., the cable … Read More

Entourage – The Big Bang
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Entourage (final season) – The Big Bang – Vince tries to make things right with journalist Sophia Lear. Ari gets a reality check about his divorce. Eric receives an over-the-top gift, and some unsettling news. Turtle meets with his East … Read More

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also referred to as CSI) is an American police procedural drama television series. Elizabeth Regen plays an escort in the wrong place at the wrong time. Copyright © CBS Corporation (Copyright … Read More